ONNX Roadmap proposals (Jan'2023 to Dec'2023)

Nalawadi, Rajeev K

Hello ONNX contributors and stakeholders,
We are seeking your help to shape the direction of ONNX & create roadmap with shared future view for the timeframe (Jan'2023 to December'2023)

To capture your ideas for future development of ONNX, you can submit your proposals using the form located here: https://forms.microsoft.com/r/d2ZcPgzwSV

If you had submitted roadmap items in previous years, please revisit/gauge and do appropriate modification of item(s) in case there is still an ask for the ONNX feature, In case you are revisiting the roadmap items this year and there is some overlap from the request of previous years, be sure to flag whether your request was completed / partially-done / work in progress.

For reference purposes the previous year roadmap suggestions can be accessed here:  https://github.com/onnx/steering-committee/tree/main/roadmap


The proposals will be collected till January 24, 2023. Once the proposals have been entered, we will hold 6 sessions starting the week of February 6, 2023 for roadmap discussions alternating between Wednesday 9:00 am PST (Europe friendly) and Wednesday 5:00 pm PST (Asia friendly) to prioritize the roadmap items based on your suggestions.


The result of the discussions analyzed based on impact assessments will be announced via slack channels & social media.
Looking forward to receiving some great suggestions.


ONNX steering committee