Javier's 2021 transition

Javier Luraschi

Hi there sparklyr committers and technical discussions mailing list,

As you might have seen from twitter, I'm going to be leaving RStudio and distancing a bit from the R community starting next year. I'm planning to do my own startup for at least a year, so I want to have a chance to fully focus on that.

Therefore, I will have much less time to contribute to sparklyr; however, this project grew beyond myself, its original corporate sponsor and has found a new home in the Linux Foundation already. It may as well outlast the sponsoring companies and span beyond the time we spent affiliated with particular organizations. To that end, I updated my new contact info with this PR.

Yitao has been doing a great job leading the project now, so please reach out to him if you need anything in particular from sparklyr. For everything else related to RStudio, please contact Sigrid who will fill my role.

My last day is December 31st so we have plenty of time to chat or sort anything you think I should be contributing to.

You can reach me at jluraschi@...


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