Re: sparklyr 1.2 release discussion

Hossein Falaki <hossein@...>


1-3 weeks sounds good. Probably 3 weeks is better. We are running internal QAs and having some customers beta-test the features. We expect those to wrap up within the next 15 days.

On Wed, Apr 1, 2020 at 10:59 AM Javier Luraschi <javier@...> wrote:
sparklyr committers and public technical mailing list,

It seems like a good time to start preparing the sparklyr 1.2 release. The Spark 3.0 is feature complete and the two other major features: Integration with the parallel package and Databricks Connect are also feature complete.

Notice that there is a release candidate for Spark 3.0 being proposed but might take a couple RC iterations to ship:
Are there any objections to start wrapping up this release and release in 1-3 weeks?

Otherwise, Yitao Li has volunteered to start preparing this new release and will send a release-to-CRAN vote email to the committers and this sparklyr-technical-discuss@... DL soon.



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