ACTION REQUIRED: Calling All Volunteers for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + OSS China 2021

Erin Thacker <ethacker@...>

Hello All -

The KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit CHINA 2021 is coming up soon! The event will take place virtually on Dec. 9 - 10, 2021.

The LF AI & Data Foundation will have a virtual booth as a Start-Up Sponsor. You can see all the details on the OSS CHINA event wiki page. 


All confirmed VIRTUAL staff will get access to our sponsor booth, be expected to chat with any attendees that visit the booth, and be willing to answer general questions about LF AI & Data and/or any LF AI & Data projects. Additional features for OSS CHINA Virtual Booth include:

Private 1:1 Chats + Calls

Anyone registered as booth staff will be visible to attendees in the list of representatives in the booth. Attendees can view each booth rep’s profile and initiate a private text chat, group chat, or request a video call (20 minutes maximum) unless a booth rep has made their profile private in their profile settings. It is highly recommended for booth staff to keep their profiles public to allow for 1:1 communications with attendees. Vice versa, booth staff may initiate a 1:1 text chat, group chat, or video call with attendees unless the attendees have set their profile to private. We will provide a training video to familiarize yourself with the chat functions prior to the event. 

Public Booth Chat 

Each booth comes with a built-in public chat window that appears underneath the video screen in the booth. Booth staff and attendees can post messages and reply directly. The public chat is a great tool for announcements about upcoming activities within the booth or to host a moderated question/answer chat session. 

  • Chat messages update in real-time. The most recent message appears at the top of the chat window.
  • Chat messages are plain text only (no formatting, tagging, hyperlinking or file-sharing possible).
  • Users can create threads by responding directly to a specific message.
  • Users can “like” messages.
  • Booth staff can delete unwanted or inappropriate messages from the public chat that were posted by other users.
Please go over the Code of Conduct before committing to volunteering: 


The virtual booth is scheduled for:

  • Thursday, December 9: 9:00 – 16:00 CST
  • Friday, December 10: 9:00 – 16:00 CST

Please review the time slots here and let us know as soon as possible if you are available to help staff the booth please note that we require at least two (2) time slots for each volunteer


All booth staff must be registered for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit CHINA 2021 with a booth staff pass no later than Thursday, December 2Once booth staff are confirmed, we will send out the discount code and instructions on how to register. 


All confirmed booth staff will receive an invitation to join an online booth training as soon as it becomes available. More details to come.


If you are curious to see what a virtual booth looks like, please watch this short video. We will have a variety of downloadable resources at the booth, along with links to our LF AI & Data projects. If you'd like to add any videos/demos/other resources (1-2 per project maximum), please let us know by December 2nd and I will get them added to the booth.

Thank you in advance for considering this volunteer opportunity! We truly appreciate our community and we’re looking forward to a great event!


Erin Thacker (she/her)
Project Coordinator 
Location & Time-zone: Durham, NC EST
Phone: 304-299-0656
Email: ethacker@...