Confirmed: Trusted AI Meeting Tomorrow and Agenda

Animesh Singh

Hi all,

With the move of the Trusted AI projects in LFAI finally signed off, on Trusted AI call tomorrow, we will be walking through the new websites and github locations of the projects. Additionally we will also discuss a new Trusted AI educational Video series we are going to launch with LFAI.

We would discuss the focus for end of the year deliverables on Technical and Principles working group - please join if you are part of these.

Additionally Trisha Mahoney will be presenting a new course being developed for OpenDS4All, in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania faculty

Reminder - the meeting is Thursday 7 AM PST, 9 AM CST or 2 PM GMT


Animesh Singh
STSM and Chief Architect - Data and AI Open Source Platform

CTO, IBM RedHat Data and AI Open Source Alignment
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