November Trusted AI Committee Call

Animesh Singh

Hi All

Thanks for joining the October Trusted AI Call last month. Thanks to Stacey, Beat, Sam and Vijay for presentations. Key discussion points from the meeting:

1. Usage of AI Explainability 360 and OpenScale in financial industry
2. Feedback and usage from General Motors and Microsoft on Adversarial Robustness Toolbox. Would be great to have them present their usecases and related projects in upcoming meetings.
3. AIX360 now integrated and available to Kubeflow community for real time live inferencing based explanations using KFServing
4. Continued progress of AI Fairness 360 for targeting SKLearn and R Community.

Slides used during the call:
Meeting Recording: 

Since November 26th is Thanksgiving, meeting this month will happen on 3rd Thursday Nov 19th.  Please subscribe to the calendar here

If you have something to present, please add it to the agenda here:

Animesh Singh