June LFAI Trusted AI Meeting Agenda

Animesh Singh

June LFAI Trusted AI Committee call is tomorrow (Thursday). You can find the agenda and timings below

Topics tomorrow include the following along with regular Trusted AI project updates. If you have other topics to present/discuss, please sign up on the doc.

ARMORY, a test bed for scalable evaluations of defenses against adversarial threats using ARTDavid Slater, TwoSix Technologies
Principal Working Group UpdatesSusan Malaika
Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification 360 toolkitPrassana Setigiri
Quick LFAI Trusted AI Project Updates 
AI Fairness 360 UpdateSamuel Hoffman
AI Explainability 360 UpdateVijay Arya .
Adversarial Robustness Toolbox  (ART) UpdateBeat Buesser


Animesh Singh
Distinguished Engineer and CTO - Watson Data and AI Open Source Platform

Watson Data and AI OSS TSC | IBM Kubeflow Engagement Lead | Chair, Linux Foundation AI - Trusted AI | Ambassador, CNCF | Member of IBM Academy of Technology (IBM AoT)