March LFAI Trusted AI Meeting Agenda

Animesh Singh

Hi All

March LFAI Trusted AI Committee call is tomorrow (Thursday). You can find the agenda and timings below

Topics tomorrow include the following along with regular Trusted AI project updates. If you have other topics to present/discuss, please sign up on the doc.
Quick update: KFServing v0.5 release and integration of Trusted AI projectsAnimesh Singh
Trusted AI implementation with integrated "forensic tools" into the AI workflow for the CPO - chief privacy officeBeth Rudden
Update on Counterfit: CLI tooling for automating black-box ML attacks Will Pearce
How to use CLAIMED - the Component Library for AI, Machine Learning, ETL/ELT and Data Science - for implementing a no code/low code TrustedAI pipeline on Kubeflow - Introduction and DemoRomeo Kienzler


Animesh Singh
STSM and Chief Architect - Data and AI Open Source Platform

CTO, IBM RedHat Data and AI Open Source Alignment
IBM Kubeflow Engagement Lead
Chair, Linux Foundation AI - Trusted AI
Chair, CD Foundation MLOps Sig
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