November LFAI Trusted AI Monthly Call [Thursday 18th November]

Animesh Singh

Hi All

November LFAI Trusted AI Committee call is tomorrow, Thursday, 18th November. This is happening a week earlier than regular schedule (4th Thursday of Month) to account for Thanksgiving holidays.  You can find the preliminary agenda, timing and joining information on the doc below.

If anyone has a topic to propose, please list it on the doc above.

Tomorrow IBM’s Academy of Technology will present their work show casing an exercise where they merged design and data science in order to detail leading practices for Explainable AI using a very admittedly biased and fictitious dataset.

Additionally Saishruthi Swaminathan will be giving an update on AI Fairness 360 R


Animesh Singh | Distinguished Engineer and CTO | Watson AI and Data Open Technology
Chair, Watson Data and AI OSS TSC | IBM Kubeflow Engagement Lead | Chair, Linux Foundation AI - Trusted AI | Ambassador, CNCF | Member of IBM Academy of Technology (IBM AoT)