October LFAI Trusted AI Monthly Call [Thursday 28th]

Animesh Singh

Hi All

October LFAI Trusted AI Committee call is this Thursday, 28th October . You can find the preliminary agenda, timing and joining information on the doc below.

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If anyone has a topic to propose, please list it on the doc above. This Thursday We are going to deep dive in Machine Learning eXchange (MLX -  Trusted AI and Data assets katalog and execution engine) and Uncertainty Quantification Toolkit (UQ360)

Additionally from this month onwards, we will have Principles WG using the same Trusted AI Committee meeting- e.g., the Principles WG in general will have 15 minutes in each monthly meeting on the last Thursday of the month.

Last but not the least, join the  Trusted AI Principles webinar on Oct. 27, 2021 at 10 am US EST. Hosted by the Trusted AI Committee, this webinar covers tools & techniques for the RREPEATS Principles.

Register here! https://hubs.la/H0ZHQSV0 


Animesh Singh
Distinguished Engineer and CTO - Watson Data and AI Open Source Platform

Watson Data and AI OSS TSC | IBM Kubeflow Engagement Lead | Chair, Linux Foundation AI - Trusted AI | Ambassador, CNCF | Member of IBM Academy of Technology (IBM AoT)